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Environment and Health

Strategic defense against environmental threats. The main issues relating to PNEI, Environment and Health masterfully dealt with by Dr. Giorgio Mattassi molecular biologist, former scientific director of ARPA Friuli Venezia Giulia and vice president of the Pneisystem ™ Academy. Among the topics covered: climate change, electromagnetic pollution, mobile phones and 5G, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, multiple chemical sensitivity and much more.

Microbiota and Microbiome

An innovative course, held by Dr. Francesca Caporaso, Nutritionist Biologist and Pneisystem ™ senior mastertrainer, which illustrates not only a highly topical issue, but revisits it in the light of psycho-neuro-endocrine immunology, also providing targeted therapeutic strategies. Among the topics covered: intestinal dysbiosis, food tolerances, celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, integrative therapies, nutritional advice and much more.

Laughing as a therapy

Laughing has a function of rebalancing the autonomic balance and is one of the emotional switches of the Pneisystem ™ Academy’s global Stress Management strategy. Combining laughter with the stimulation of 6 acupuncture points and the pronunciation of idiomatic phrases with a high emotional impact, an extraordinary change of “state” is perceived within three minutes with access to the best psychic resources.

Short Fitness Training Sequence

Designed to allow optimal training even at home, the Pnei short fitness training sequence includes 4 phases, for a duration of execution of about 30/45 minutes.

  • heating
  • elongation
  • toning
  • cool down

Therapeutic Use of the Voice

Voice it is an essential business card and an irreplaceable therapeutic tool. With the voice we can generate emotions in ourselves and in those who listen to us. An unmissable and unique course that explores the voice at 360 ° and is able to optimize the use of one’s voice both professionally and interpersonally and in an intimate relationship with oneself. Essential for all those who work with the voice or who professionally hold courses or conferences.


PNEI (Psycho Neuro Endocrine Immunology) is the onlymodern scientific medical paradigm capable of understanding the complexity and multifactoriality of pathologies providing 360 ° answers.

Illustri scienziati tra cui Nobel Prize winners for Medicine Niels Kaj Jerne and F. Macfarlane Buffet, Roger Guillemin, Paolo Pancheri, H. Laborit, Lorenzo Tomatis Candace Beebe Pert, Hugo Besedovsky, Edwin Blalock, Robert Sapolsky, Bruce Mc Ewen, Esther Sternberg,and countless others have contributed to the development of modern psychoneuroimmunoendocrine pathophysiology.

Pnei constitutes a wealth of knowledge INDISPENSABLE for the doctor, the dentist, the physiatrist, the nutritional biologist, the clinical psychologist and the physiotherapist. This knowledge comes from each professional applied in his specific sector.

In 2013, after more than 15 years of teaching PNEI both at university and private academic level, the Prof. Maria Corgna has decided to devote all its energy to the dissemination of Pneisystem ™, a scientific, innovative, pragmatic and immediately applicable therapeutic method resulting from years of research and clinical experience.

The 4 essential pillars of a Pneisystem ™ therapy include: stress management using simple and scientifically validated techniques, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrition focused on thousands of published works, personalized physical activity and integrated therapeutic process.

In fact, it uses conventional academic medicine when necessary, aiming to optimize the dosage of the drug and limit its side effects.

At the same time, the therapeutic process involves the use of phytogemmotherapy with reference to the studies of prof. Marcello Nicoletti and Dr Fernando Piterà di Clima, Low Dose Medicine, homotoxicological medicine resulting from the brilliant intuition of Dr Hans Heinrich Reckeweg, validated nutraceuticals and integration.

The treatment plan is customized according to the patient’s psychobiological identity and his personal and family medical history.

In summary, for the first time Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) is founded with Person Centered Medicine (MCP), guaranteeing the patient extraordinary therapeutic results.

Pneisystem™ SOFTWARE

Measure silent cell inflammation

with our unique software


Pnei mind and body in harmony

Pnei mind and body in harmony

In this book, aimed at all age groups, we talk about Psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology, a complicated term to say that mind and body are the same thing, that modern medicine must heal the psyche from stress, support a correct diet and a style of dynamic life, and to address a conscious use of drugs, preferring natural remedies whenever possible.

Pneisystem ™ - The great challenge of modern medicine

Pneisystem ™ – The great challenge of modern medicine

The great challenge of modern medicine, inflammation, can be quenched with modern anti-stress techniques, nutrition, movement and excellent therapies. Inflammation, the silent killer of our age, is the lowest common denominator of related chronic diseases and / or aging. A futuristic, innovative vision, in tune with what everyone clearly perceives: healing is a choice!

Pnei to whom?

Pnei to whom?

Einstein stated that a scientist proves to be truly master of his discoveries only if he can explain them even to an 8-year-old child. In this book, Dr. Corgna amply demonstrates her dissemination skills, explaining extremely complex concepts with disarming simplicity. An extraordinary work that strikes the reader in all senses.

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