What is Pnei

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What is Pnei



PNEI – Psycho Neuro Endocrine Immunology-is the study of the relationships between the great regulatory systems of the human organism: the nervous, the endocrine and the immune system, and between these and the psyche that is the emotional and cognitive identity that distinguishes each one our.

The various systems (Pnei – psychic, neurological, endocrine and immune) interact with each other to achieve an internal homeostasis of the organism.

As proof of this, immune cells have been shown to be able to interpret messages from the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and the brain.

If mind and body (Psyche and Soma) are therefore able to interact, it is not difficult to accept the idea that mood (understood as a mental disposition, more or less positive, to the interpretation of stimuli) can regulate, or at least influence (or if we prefer, to interfere with) the central nervous system, the hormonal and the immune system.

Each emotional state such as love, fear, pleasure, pain, anxiety, anger, etc., with its complex nuances commonly defined as feelings, is generated by the elaborations that take place in the “noble” areas (cortex, limbic lobe, etc.) of the brain.

These emotional states are spread throughout the body (and, therefore, in the individual organs and systems) through a bioelectric pathway (neuronal and neural nerve impulses) and thanks to the intervention of biochemical substances defined as “ligants” (which modulate the signal between single cells), including neuropeptides, neurotransmitters and hormones.

These “ligants” and their receptors (specific “locks” located on the cell membrane) are present in every part of the body and not just in the nervous system.

This means that the whole body “thinks” (even if in a more or less demanding way, depending on the area concerned) and that each cell “feels” and feels “emotions”, processes its information and transmits it to every other cell through a dense communication network for which every human psychophysical aspect can be seen as a part of a single reality.

The molecular basis of emotions can therefore be defined as the messengers that carry information to connect the large systems of the organism together in a single functional unit that we can define as body / mind …


Pnei System ™ is the most advanced method of Integrated Diagnos & System Therapiesever conceived based on PNEI (PSYCHO-NEURO-ENDOCRINE-IMMUNOLOGY).

The Pnei System ™ analysis qualitatively and quantitatively measures the silent cellular inflammation that underlies both chronic diseases and aging.

It treats related acute, chronic and aging diseases, for which conventional academic medicine has only symptomatic remedies.

The Pnei System ™ methodology is the only Antiage Medicine, as it aims to defeat the real cause of aging, namely silent cellular inflammation and the resulting increase in oxidative stress.


Male endocrine sphere

Female and male infertility


Anti-aging face treatment

  • injection therapies (fillers, hyaluronic acid, cell revitalizers)
  • natural treatments with botox effect
  • oxygenating masks and anti-aging mesotherapy
  • reflexology
  • energetic and anti-stress acupuncture of the face

Anti-aging body treatment

  • carboxytherapy
  • energetic and anti-stress acupuncture
  • homotoxicological mesotherapy
  • reflexology

How to cure




The Pnei System™ method thoroughly studies how to see and perceive reality, a concept clearly expressed by the psychobiological or cognitive affective identity. Not only the events but above all the “reading” of the events can produce serious and chronic pathologies.

The activation of stress systems with the related consequences is linked not only to the event but above all to the way in which the event is read; for over twenty years we have been talking about the stress rating scale not so much as a function of the “severity of the stressful event” but also of the individual reaction to the stressful event.

From a vast experimentation it appears that a particular and specific psycho-behavioral modality is associated with a certain way of reading reality and events, which correlates with an excellent margin of predictability to the appearance of certain syndromes or pathologies.

Psychobiological identity, or the way of reading reality, is associated with physiology and inner behaviors and syntax which, correctly interpreted, can be reviewed and balanced.

This is the task of “coaching” in a Pnei key and of the simple and highly effective tools, borrowed from the most advanced techniques of Energy Psychology, which are provided to the operator to “guide” his patient towards a state of inner empowerment, of trust in the possibility of healing, of liberation from systems of limiting beliefs and therefore, in a word, guaranteeing access to vast internal spaces characterized by lightness and positivity.


Correct food association, relationship between intestinal immunity and food, personalized diet and above all the relationship between stress and food intake.

These are the prerequisites of nutritional therapy in a PNEI System key, we suggest the use of ionized alkaline water.


The term Nutraceutical comes from the fusion of “Nutrition” and “Pharmaceutical” and refers to the study of foods and supplements that have a beneficial function on human health.

Nutraceutical foods are also commonly referred to as functional foods, pharma foods or pharma foods. Nutraceuticals are normally derived from plants, foods and microbial sources.

Examples of nutraceuticals are probiotics, antioxidants, polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3, omega-6), vitamins and enzyme complexes. They can also be taken in the form of food supplements in liquid formulations, in tablets or capsules.


Some have called Homotoxicology “Homeopathy of 2000”, others have seen it as the meeting point between Hahnemann’s brilliant empiricism, fascinating Eastern medical philosophy and rigorous Western scientism centered on objective experimentation.

In a nutshell, homotoxicology, while having its roots in classical homeopathy, turns its gaze to modern physiopathology and refers to this in the diagnosis, but returns to make use of substances prepared according to the canons of homeopathic pharmacopoeia in the therapy .

Today, 50 years after the birth of Homotoxicology, the great contribution made by Reckeweg to medical science is clear: having managed to integrate, in a single vision, the principles of Hahnemann and the paradigms of modern medicine.

Thanks to Homotoxicology, we can say, Homeopathy has finally emerged from the proud and superb isolation into which the same homeopaths had made it fall to confront, finally and on equal terms, with Academic Medicine, finding with this a point of reference. meeting, a common language.


Very modern therapeutic evolution, between biochemistry and molecular biophysics, low dose therapy allows the use of very low dosages of hormones, cytokines and neurotransmitters as biological signals.

The quantities used are in the order of nano-picograms, dosages at which these substances are physiologically produced by the body. The signal molecules thus administered are completely free of side effects and therefore possess important therapeutic properties.

Recently, the Nobel Prize in Medicine Prof Luc Montagnier has dealt with the topic of low dose therapies in symposia and conferences.


It is a treatment system that uses the active ingredients and substances present in plants.

Phytotherapy, which clearly differs from traditional herbal medicine, is based on the administration of preparations obtained from whole plants or parts of them, titrated and standardized in active ingredients, some of which are also present in the Official Pharmacopoeia.

For numerous plants and derivatives, there is also the problem of toxicity, side effects and interactions with other drugs, as well documented by the scientific literature, and for this reason a phytosurveillance system managed by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità has also been created.


In general, the term is used to indicate the therapeutic methods of academic medicine.

Allopathic treatment may be necessary for the patient and should be administered according to medical – specialist opinion.


It is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it consists in the skin stimulation of certain skin areas (acupoints) through the insertion of very thin sterile needles.

The insertion of needles and skin stimulation activate neuronal and biochemical processes that cause profound changes in the nervous, endocrine and immune systems.

Acupuncture varies according to the therapist’s approach, which can be Traditional (it works by influencing the life force flowing through the body through blood vessels, also called Qi) or Modern (based on the belief that acupuncture achieves its effect. through the nervous system, as well as through the immune and endocrine system) or based on particularly sensitive points and areas, (points whose pressure triggers pain perceived even in areas distant from the body).


Pnei mind and body in harmony

Pnei mind and body in harmony

In this book, aimed at all age groups, we talk about Psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology, a complicated term to say that mind and body are the same thing, that modern medicine must heal the psyche from stress, support a correct diet and a style of dynamic life, and to address a conscious use of drugs, preferring natural remedies whenever possible.

Pneisystem ™ - The great challenge of modern medicine

Pneisystem ™ – The great challenge of modern medicine

The great challenge of modern medicine, inflammation, can be quenched with modern anti-stress techniques, nutrition, movement and excellent therapies. Inflammation, the silent killer of our age, is the lowest common denominator of related chronic diseases and / or aging. A futuristic, innovative vision, in tune with what everyone clearly perceives: healing is a choice!

Pnei to whom?

Pnei to whom?

Einstein stated that a scientist proves to be truly master of his discoveries only if he can explain them even to an 8-year-old child. In this book, Dr. Corgna amply demonstrates her dissemination skills, explaining extremely complex concepts with disarming simplicity. An extraordinary work that strikes the reader in all senses.

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